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Only a few online marketing pitches and perks can rival free spins in terms of recall, excitement generated and popularity. When it comes to online casino freebies and marketing offers, free spins offers are the kings, destined to impress and change the fortunes not only of players, but the online casinos as well.

Free spins offers are ubiquitous, and these can be seen splashed and plastered online in different online casinos, and dominate the promotional boards and homepages of the casinos. Today, it’s now common to read and encounter announcements for welcome bonuses bundled with 30 to 200 free spins, playable on different slot games. For the more aggressive online casinos, instant 10 to 20 free spins are also credited to the players even before deposits are made. With these kinds of attractive offers, it’s no surprise that online casino players are considered the best offers online, and important resources to use when one wants to win real money by playing slots online.

In its simplest form, free spins are simply marketing offers that work for both the casino operators and the players. While it may seem that the free spins offer will benefit the players, keep in mind that its offering is also advantageous on the part of the casino operator. When a casino operator offers these free spins packages and promotions, it is actually making a push to attract more casino players and members to sign up for membership and play more.

The most obvious benefits can be seen on the part of the casino players and those who love online slots. With these free spins offers that are instantly credited to the accounts, they are given the chance to test a few slot games without having to worry about diminished bankrolls. Through these free spins, they can literally try some slot games for free, and still gets a shot at the potential winnings and jackpots offered by the games.

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Different Types of Free Spins Bonus Offers

Although the free spins offer may appear as a straightforward casino bonus, it is actually available in different configurations and packaged in different ways. And for the average casino player, it means different opportunities to win big when playing the real money versions of the most popular online slots carried by top online casinos.

  • Free spins deposit bonus. These are the free spins that players can earn as soon as they deposit funds into their casino accounts. Most online casinos instantly credit the account with 10 to 30 free spins, and these will normally come with higher wagering requirements so players are advised to check out the conditions before making a commitment with the casino.
  • Free spins no deposit bonus. As the name suggests, these are the free spins that are automatically given to the player even before making a deposit. In most casinos, this kind of bonus is given as soon as the player signs up for an account using a valid e-mail address. Most online casinos offer 10 free spins as a reward for the new player who will create an account with the casino.
  • Welcome bonus bundled with free spins. This is a popular promotion often presented to new players of the casino who will make a deposit. This is a popular promotion that is carried by an online casino, and this is often seen plastered in many homepages and promotional pages of the casino. You will easily notice this kind of promotion since the traditional welcome bonus offer is bundled with free spins. For example, a casino aimed at providing entertainment to casual slots players will offer a $1000 welcome bonus, bundled with 200 free spins. In many cases, the welcome bonus is spread over a number of deposits, and the number of free spins earned are spread out evenly as well.

On Wagering Requirements and Other Conditions Set for Free Spins Offers

Just like other promotional offers that are given by online casinos, free spins bonuses are also governed by certain conditions. Players and casino enthusiasts who want to take advantage of these popular casino offers are advised to know these conditions before attempting to enjoy the free spins and play the games.

One popular condition that is set on the free spins is the wagering requirement. When one manages to win these free spins as part of the casino’s promotional offer, chances are he will encounter the wagering requirement, which usually ranges from x10 to x60. The most popular wagering requirement today is x35, which means that the bonus amount should be wagered at least 35 times before the winnings can be withdrawn from the site. For example, if the casino bonus earned is $30, it means that the player must wager at least $1,050 before a withdrawal of the winnings can be approved.

Aside from the wagering bonus, the online casino that offers the free spins may also specify the games where these spins can be used. This is one marketing gimmick of the casino to ensure that the spotlight is placed on certain games. Most casinos will explain the recommended slot games on its Bonus Terms and Conditions, and players are advised to check this out before playing for real money. Most online casinos often recommend that these free spins be used on popular Netent slot games like Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst. Free spins are also subject to time limits, so players are advised to be aware of this rule. In many casinos, players are given up to 7 days to enjoy and use the free spins on the recommended slot games. If these free spins are not used during the recommended time frame, the casino operator reserves the right to cancel the free spins.

How to Earn these Free Spins Bonus?

Free spins bonuses when used the right way can become helpful resources for all types of players. Free spins can boost the bankroll, and can help slot enthusiasts enjoy a few selected slot games and aim for jackpots without wagering their own funds. In short, free spins can be your ticket towards instant winnings and memorable jackpots, provided the lucky spin has been made. But before these winnings and jackpots can be earned through free spins, it is important that you know how to get these in the first place.

The most obvious way to earn free spins is to sign up for an account with a casino. Free spins are immediately earned as soon as a new account is created. Some casinos reward new players with instant 10 free spins which can be used to play certain slot games. These free spins are credited to the account as soon as a new account has been created. Sometimes, a bonus code must be used when signing up for an account to earn a specified number of free spins. The most popular and lucrative way of earning free spins is by creating an account with the casino and making that first deposit. Once the account has been confirmed and a deposit has been made, the casino offers the new player with a welcome bonus package bundle, which often includes a matched bonus and up to 200 free spins.

If these welcome bonuses and sign-up free spins are not enough, there are other creative ways of earning free spins that can boost the bankroll. To do this, players are advised to follow the newsletter of the casino, and wait for new promotions. Most casinos run weekly promotions, and some of these promotions reward players with free spins. Casinos may put the spotlight on a specific slot game on a particular week. And to celebrate the introduction of the new slot game, the casino will offer free spins. Free spins may also be given as a prize during contests and tournaments that are hosted by the online casino. Free spins may also be earned by making a deposit using the preferred deposit option mandated by the online casino.  In short, free spins bonuses are here to stay, and there are different ways on how you can earn these.

To remain on top of things, it pays to regularly visit the casino and read the latest news on promotions and bonuses. More importantly, as soon as these free spins bonuses are earned, players must always check the Terms and Conditions. Reading the ‘Terms and Conditions’ is one of the best steps that you can take if you want to maximize the potential of free spins. The terms page will explain the conditions that are imposed on free spins, and will explain the limitations and conditions that will accompany its use.

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