Play Blackjack Real Money in SG Casinos

When it comes to the classic card games, the game of blackjack is considered one of the most important and popular. It may have slipped in terms of popularity in recent years due to technological advancements and the shift from land-based casinos to online and mobile casino gaming, but there is no denying the cultural and long-lasting impact of the game on casino players and the industry in general. The true test of the popularity of the card game in the modern casino setting can be found in online casinos- major online casinos and gaming hubs carry multiple versions and variants of this classic card game. Some innovative online casinos even carry the live version of blackjack, giving players and card enthusiasts with that authentic casino experience without having to visit and play at a brick and mortar casino. And to truly illustrate its place in pop culture, the game of blackjack has been illustrated and showcased in a number of Hollywood movies including ‘21’ which tackles the lifestyles and playing styles of players who fell in love with the game. Today, no online casino with table games will be considered complete without the presence of blackjack.

Playing Blackjack

Also known as ‘twenty-one’, the game of blackjack is one of the best classic casino games that pits players against the dealer. Compared to other popular instant win games, this card game requires a certain level of skills set and relies heavily on decision-making skills to come up with wins. The game of blackjack can be considered as a comparing card game, with a number of players ranged against the casino dealer. Players do not necessarily play against each other, but plans out the hand values to beat that of the dealer. In a regular casino set-up, a number of decks of cards are used for the game, and the main objective of the game focuses on the magic number ‘21’ and beating the hand value of the dealer in one of three ways:

  • Achieve a score of 21 using the first two cards, without the dealer’s hand getting a blackjack;
  • Get a higher score compared to that value collected by the dealer, without the hand value going over the magic number or;
  • Allow the dealer to get two more cards, boosting the value to more than 21.
In short, this game requires a player to focus on getting a higher hand value without exceeding the magic number. This relies heavily on decision-making and what experts and enthusiasts call a strategy called card counting.To start the play, all players who have signed up at the table will be dealt with two cards, arranged face down. The face cards in the deck of cards that include the King, Queen and Jack will assume a value of 10, and Aces will get a score of 1 or 11. Once the cards have been dealt, the players must compute for the hand value of the cards, which refers to the sum of all card values. Now, if the player is not comfortable with the value of the cards on hand, then he is given a chance to draw an extra card to boost the value. If the hand with an ace gets a score of ‘11’, this is considered a soft hand value, and not bust even if the player decides to get an extra card. If not, the card is called ‘hard’. Once all the participating players have received their cards, then that’s the time that the dealer will then form his hand.

Player Decisions to Be Made When Playing Blackjack

Once the two cards have been dealt and values have been confirmed, the player can make one of the four allowable player decisions. For those who are involved in an active game of blackjack, the choices are ‘hit’, ‘stand’, ‘double down’ and ‘split’. In some cases, the players are also allowed to make another decision- to ‘surrender’. 

  • Hit. In this decision, the player will request for another card from the dealer.
  • Stand. A player who chooses to stand will no longer ask for another card, and its assumed that he is ready to gamble on the cards’ value.
  • Double Down. If this is the option or decision selected by the player, then he is allowed to boost the initial bet made by up to 100-percent, provided that he will stand after another card is received. The extra bet is then placed or added to a betting box near the original bet.
  • Split. If the player’s two initial cards feature the same value, then the game will allow for a split of the cards, and this is done by moving the second bet into a place outside the betting area. The dealer of the game will then separates the cards, and comes up with an extra card for each hand. The player is now given the chance to play these two hands, in separate turns, following certain conditions.
  • Many brick-and-mortar and online casinos now offer this player decision, especially after the dealer has achieved a blackjack. If the player decides to surrender in the game, then the online casino will then take half of the bet, and returns the remaining to the player.

Popular Variants of Blackjack Available Online

Just like the other classic card games available in online casinos, the game of blackjack is also offered in different variants. Players and card enthusiasts who want to get more out of this classic card game should know the available variants.

Spanish 21

One of the main differences with the standard blackjack is that this version is played using a 48-card Spanish deck. Experts and enthusiasts agree that players who take part in the game will enjoy a more liberal version of the classic card game. For example, if a player hits 21 and the dealer also gets the same value, the rules of the game will say that the player still wins. In Spanish 21, the player can also surrender at any time, even after splitting, doubling or hitting.

Blackjack Switch

Here, there are two hands to be played, with similar bets made on every round. The player is also given the chance to decide whether to keep the hands that were dealt, or to switch the second hard in each assigned hand. The switch feature gives the player confidence and the right advantage since bad hands can be converted into good ones. While this variant may seem too good to pass up, it also comes with certain concerns. For example, if the hand of the dealer gets to 22, all hands of the players push, except for a blackjack by the player. Also, the blackjack of players will only pay even money, instead of the usual 3:2.

Double Exposure Blackjack

This comes with the usual rules that are used in the traditional blackjack game with one significant change- the cards are dealt face up. The same rules are played in this variant, but with some changes and modifications. For example, the dealer will win on all ties, except for the blackjack, a blackjack by the player pays an even money, and the player can only split once in the game.

Live Blackjack as the Future of Classic Blackjack Game

Live blackjack is next in the evolution of the game, after casinos moved its platform online. Compared to the regular online blackjack that players can try online, the live blackjack brings in a number of innovative features and technologies aimed at providing the players and enthusiasts with an engaging and truly realistic casino card game play. To ensure that players will get an authentic casino experience, the play in a remote studio is streamed live over high-speed internet. The dealers operate and maintain the tables in a casino room in a remote location, and all action on the casino floor is captured by multiple cameras. Even if the player is at home or in the office, he is given direct access to a casino environment, with a real and experienced dealer attending to the blackjack table. And just like in a brick-and-mortar casino, the player can choose which table to play. Most online casinos that feature the live casino platform will also come up with live menu, where players can easily change tables or choose another live game. And to add variety into the cad-playing experience, live blackjack is also available in different variants, and playable in various rooms depending on the status of the player in the casino.Other card games and instant win online casino games may be dominating the shift to an online casino environment, but the appeal of blackjack remains. The game of blackjack is still considered one of the most popular casino games around, and no gaming hub online can be considered complete without this game as part of the casino’s portfolio.