Progressive Jackpot Slots

Updated: February 19, 2019 11:15

For most online casinos, the main selling points are online slots available in various reel configurations, paylines and themes. These are the favored casino games to play because these do not required advanced skills set, and results are at random, set by a Random Number Generator (RNG). As soon as the slots player configured the bet and the number of paylines and click ‘Spin’, the outcomes of the spins are always at random, creating a exciting way for possible instant winnings and even the best jackpots online. More than the simplicity of gameplay and randomness of results, the online slot games are also loved for another exciting aspect- the availability of progressive jackpots. Compared to ordinary online slot winnings in the form of coin credit jackpots in hundreds and thousands, some games deliver multi-million jackpots, changing a player’s fortune along the way. These results and massive winnings are delivered by progressive jackpot slots, considered the premium type of slots game in the hierarchy, at least terms of possible winnings that can be earned.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

In online casino gaming and gambling, a progressive jackpot is a type of grand payout that increases in amount each time the game is played, and the assigned jackpot is not won. In short, the jackpot amount in this kind of slot game continues to increase in value, provided no player manages to clinch the jackpot. The amount that is added to the pooled or progressive jackpot is often a ‘minimal’ amount, but over time, it helps to grow the prize which entices more slot enthusiasts to play. In most cases, a number of slot machines or online slots are connected to the pooled jackpot, and contributes a specified amount which helps grow the prize. This is often the case for the progressive slot games for specific software provider or game developer. One of the most popular provider of progressives in online casino gaming is Microgaming, with its different versions of Mega Moolah and King Cashalot. Microgaming’s set of progressive games offer a unique take on progressive prizes as it offers a tiered jackpot, starting with the Mini, Minor and going up to the Mega (millions) through its 20-stop Jackpot Wheel. Other software vendors and providers that offer progressive jackpots for its slot games are Netent, IGT, Playtech and Betsoft. In all these progressive slot games from different software vendors and suppliers, players get a chance to win massive jackpots that range from hundreds of thousands dollars to millions of dollars. When the jackpot has been won in the game, the system will then reset the amount to as set value, and the process starts again. The more players play and wager on the game, the faster the pooled jackpot will grow.

Progressive jackpot slots that are playable online are technically grouped into three categories, depending on how the jackpot is formed and rewarded to players. If you are the type of player who will explore these games online, then you will encounter the stand-alone progressive jackpot slots, the local progressive online jackpot slots and the wide-area network progressive slots.

  • Standalone progressive slots. This is the most common version of progressive slot that is playable on a number of online casinos. As the name suggests, this type of slot game is not connected to other online slots. To come up with a massive jackpot that can be offered to the lucky player, the game collects a percentage of all wages made on the game, and this will be added to the growing progressive jackpot amount. If you play this slot game, you will instantly notice the amount of jackpot that can be won, thanks to a jackpot meter that is included in the slot’s design. Keep in mind that the amount of jackpot that can be won here is ‘substantially less’ when compared to the jackpot amounts that can be won with other types of progressive jackpots, particularly the wide area progressive jackpot slots which will be discussed below. Usually, lucky players who will win in these games will be treated to progressive jackpots just below $10,000.
  • Local progressive slots. This is the next in the evolution of progressive slots that are playable online. As the name suggests, the progressive jackpot is local, only limited in the slot games that are offered by a specific online. The online casino may offer a few slot games which are connected, and share a percentage of wagers to the pooled jackpot. Compared to the stand-alone progressives, local progressive jackpot slots are known for its higher jackpots, ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. In some popular casinos, the jackpots may run to less than a million.
  • Wide area network progressive slots. When massive jackpots matter, then the wide area network progressives slots are highly recommended. These are advertised as the mega-money producers online, and for the right reasons. Compared to other types of progressive slots, this type of progressive jackpot includes a larger network of connected games, which are run independently. In some cases, the online casinos that carry the games have a share in the winnings, but the software vendor retains the rights on the games. While this type of progressive slot is known to offer the biggest jackpot in the industry, keep in mind that these types of games are known for ‘a few limitations’. If one pays attention to its Return to Player (RTP) percentage, these types of slots are known for lower payouts. Also, the frequency of winnings is far in between, so this is not recommended for the players who expect frequent instant winnings. While these are known for these issues, players can count on a rare jackpot winnings that can change one’s life. The most popular brand that offers this kind of progressive system is the collection of Megabucks slot games from IGT. And speaking of massive winnings, players who are lucky enough can enjoy life-changing winnings that can even exceed $10 million.

Popular Online Progressive Slots to Play

Since progressive slot games come in many forms and supplied by different vendors, then not all games are created the same. There are some progressive slot productions that are packaged better compared to the rest, in terms of the amount of jackpots that can be won and the entertainment that can be had. For those on the lookout for a truly authentic progressive slot-spinning experience, here are the top three progressive slots that are dominating the online casinos segment today.

Mega Fortune by Netent

Considered one of the most profitable and popular progressive slot games around, Mega Fortune by Netent offer glitz, glamour and easy access to millions. This fun and luxurious slot game is designed as a 5-reel and 25-bet line game, offering the largest pooled jackpot online. It comes with a luxury theme, and it offers players a glimpse at what can happen if the jackpot is won. Aside from the Mega Jackpot that can reach up to €4,000,000, this slot game also offers two local jackpots.

Mega Moolah by Microgaming

In terms of consistency in providing mega progressive jackpots to players, the Mega Moolah slot game from Microgaming delivers the goods. For the last few years, this progressive slot game has been rewarding lucky players with multi-million jackpots. In 2017, the game’s jackpot has been triggered at least 12 times, with an average payout of 4 million euros. This 2018, Mega Moolah by Microgaming struck again by rewarding a lucky player from Zodiac Casino with CA$3,688,553.26, clearly changing the life of the Canadian slots player.

Gladiator Jackpot by Playtech

Inspired by the gladiators and ancient Rome, Gladiator by Playtech is ranked favorably as one of the best progressive slot games around. To win in the progressive jackpot feature of Gladiator, the player must find the nine gold helmet in the game’s bonus round. On top of this progressive feature, the players will also get a chance to earn a massive payout of x5,000 the wager made if the reels will show five Commodus symbols. There is also the exciting Lucilla payout that can trigger a x1000 in-game multiplier.

Just like the regular slot games that can be played online, progressive online slots are also defined and governed by the Random Number Generator that ensures the fairness and randomness of the outcomes. This means that there is no highly specific strategy that can be used when playing these slot games. When it comes to making a wager on these kinds of games, it is advisable to always play the maximum bet to take a shot at the biggest jackpot that the game can offer. Most online slots feature that ‘Max Bet’ button which can be used by the player to aspire for the biggest prize. Also it’s highly recommend that players should set aside a bigger share of the budget on the wide area progressive slots game since these are the games that offer the biggest prize, and the most exciting experience.

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